The Story

I was asked to make a hot sauce, but then again… what do I know about making hot sauces? I was a pastry chef back then.

So I turned to old grandma’s recipe book, only to find that grandma likes her sauce VERY HOT!!!.

I started playing around with the recipe, adding more flavors, salty and smoky, sweet yet sour, I wanted it to be the kind of sauce that I can’t stop eating, the kind that gives you a burning sensation just in the right level, leaving enough room to crave the next bite.

After a few weeks of testing, I finally got it!! Soon enough, people started coming to me, asking me where they could buy my sauce.

By now, the sauce is a household name in kitchens around town. Cooking, dipping and saucing will never be boring again!!

And you…?, haven’t you tasted Algo Picante yet?

Introducing three flavours:

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Mild Version

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Medium Heat

Extremely Hot!
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Super Hot

Environmental Responsability

At Algo Picante, we feel we have an environmental responsibility, therefore we choose to use only glass containers for our sauce and biodegradable materials for labeling.

Donating to the community

We believe we have a social responsibility as well, the natural habitat is in danger and a certain part of our community needs a helping hand. All we need to do is give back, if every person gives back just a little bit, we will be able to make the world a better place to live in.

That is why a percentage of all our net profit is donated to the Costa Rican community and natural habitat.

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